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Welcome to Vickers Alignments and Brake Service. We are located at 625 East Spring Street in Cookeville, Tn. Right across the street from the Cookeville Honda Motorcycle Shop.

We specialize in just about any parts or services underneath the car. Excluding muffler and exhaust! We are a small mechanic repair shop that has been going strong since 1962 and do absolulty no advertisements. Except this website your are reading now. The best and the strongest advertisements that we do is simply word of mouth! Our customers have helped us go strong for over 40 years now and we are very proud of that. We also are proud to mention that we do not have priced assesments. We find out what is wrong with the vehicle for absolutly no price at hand. Most of our competion in cookeville will charge you for looking at your car just to find out what is wrong with it. After we find out what is wrong with your vehicle we will move on from that point. If you want us to work on it right away or if you want to check out other prices. We will gladly print out a quotation for you and let you shop around. Although I beleive you will find here in cookeville that we have the lowest and most honest prices in town.

The shop is run by John Vickers whom is the son of Bob Vickers. Bob is the starter and creator of this buisness and is well known in the community. John himself has done this work since he was 14 years of age!

So do you have squeaky brakes or a noise that is just driving you absolutly nuts? If so stop by and see us and we will gladly help you be on your way.